Miami Floride 12 Octobre Alliance Française « Camus and the Mediterranean » David Ellison

Tuesday, October 12 | 7.00 pm | Conference | AF de Miami

« Camus and the Mediterranean » by David Ellison

The Conference, in English, will be introduced by Ralph Heyndels.

Entrance free

David Ellison, who has written a book and a number of essays on the French-Algerian writer Albert Camus (1913-1960), will give a presentation, meant for a general audience, on Camus’s multifaceted writings and political pronouncements on the idea and the reality of the Mediterranean Basin. Throughout his distinguished career as journalist, playwright, and Nobel-prize winning author of memorable prose fictions (‘The Stranger,’ ‘The Plague,’ ‘The Fall’,’ ‘Exile and the Kingdom,’ and the posthumously published ‘The First Man’), Camus retained his initial enthusiasm and intellectual interest in the idea of the Mediterranean arena as the center of authentic humanistic culture, as a passageway connecting Europe to Africa. David Ellison will speak about this fundamental unifying theme in Camus while also describing recent trends in Camus criticism – which, to a large degree, focus on Camus’s political ambivalence at the outset of the war which brought Algeria its independence from France.

Anne-Marie Tournebize